Life on Venus? Phosphine found in the Clouds Featuring R.J. Graham

Today, few time ago a new video called Life on Venus? Phosphine found in the Clouds Featuring R.J. Graham was published by: Event Horizon

As published in the by Event Horizon: A team of Astronomers from Cardiff University and MIT announced today the discovery of finding a rare molecule, phosphine, in the clouds of Venus. Here on Earth, Phosphine is usually only found to be made by microbes that live in oxygen-free environments or made industrially. There have been past hints of life in the clouds of Venus, where the temperature is much more hospitable for life than the surface. This finding of Phosphine on Venus could be a hint that alien life exists there.\n\nR.J. Graham is a Department of Physics student in Atmospheric Physics\nClarendon Laboratory working in Ray Pierrehumbert’s group at Oxford. Currently his research is focused on modeling geochemical climate feedbacks on rocky planets. He is supported by a Clarendon Scholarship.\n\nJMG video:\n\nPapers:\nPhosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus\n\n\nPhosphine on Venus Cannot be Explained by\nConventional Processes\n\n\nThe Venusian Lower Atmosphere Haze as a Depot for Desiccated Microbial Life: A Proposed Life Cycle for Persistence of the Venusian Aerial Biosphere\n\n\nPhosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet\nAtmospheres\n\n\nThumbnail: Image: planet-c project team/JAXA\n\nWant to support the channel?\nPatreon:\n\nFollow us at other places!\nWebsite:\nTwitter: @jmgeventhorizon\nInstagram: @jmgeventhorizon\n\nMusic featured on Event Horizon\n\n\n\n\n\nFOOTAGE:\nNASA\nESA/Hubble\nESO – M.Kornmesser\nESO – L.Calcada\nESO – Jose Francisco Salgado (\nNAOJ\nUniversity of Warwick\nGoddard Visualization Studio\nLangley Research Center\nPixabay

Watch the video below:

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