LiveStream Special: GM and Nikola, Tesla Denied SNP 500 — and Electrify America Shenanigans!

a few minutes ago a another great video entitled LiveStream Special: GM and Nikola, Tesla Denied SNP 500 — and Electrify America Shenanigans! was revealed by the Youtuber: Transport Evolved

As written in the youtube description by Transport Evolved: This video was made possible thanks to the kind donations of our supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. Join them in supporting us.\n\nSupport us on Patreon:\nBuy the team a coffee — or a meal!\nDonate using bitcoin: BC 1QRZRGCCXUKPDZ2DZ9KX9JYJXMZDYHYGFZ0MN4WH\nFollow our ‘second’ channel – Transport Evolved Take Two, at\nFollow the show on Twitter\nJoin our Discord Channel:\nFollow Nikki’s personal channel at\n_____________\n\nUsually, we like to give you a daily video that’s scripted and filmed in advance – but today, we’re doing things a little differently. \n\nFirst, some of Nikki’s family have been forced to evacuate due to the wildfires ravaging California, and thus her time to script write has been reduced. \n\nSecond, we’ve had three main news stories hit at the same time \n\nI – Nikola and General Motors agree on a ‘strategic partnership’ which will see GM own 11 percent of Nikola, and build its Badger pickup truck \n\nII – Tesla completes its $5 Billion stock capital raise, but drops its value and is also denied entry to the SNP 500 \n\nIII Electrify America closes an entire east-coast corridor to upgrade its hardware during Labor Day Weekend. \n\nBecause it’s just too much to get everything done in one day, Join Nikki for this special live discussion of the stories. \n\n\nWatch the video above to find out more, support us with the provided links, and let us know what you think below — but remember to keep your comments civil! \n\n\n\n\nPresenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield\nProduced: Transport Evolved

Watch the video below:

We will keep following the channel and publishing everything we find

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