“Lockdown Was an Overreaction” – Professor Karol Sikora

a few moments ago a another good video titled “Lockdown Was an Overreaction” – Professor Karol Sikora was revealed by the youtube channel: Triggernometry

As written in the by Triggernometry: Karol Sikora is a UK based physician specialising in oncology, who has been described as a leading world authority on cancer. \n\nSupport TRIGGERnometry:\n\nPaypal: https://bit.ly/2Tnz8yq\nhttps://www.subscribestar.com/triggernometry\nhttps://www.patreon.com/triggerpod\n\nFind TRIGGERnometry on Social Media: \n\nhttps://twitter.com/triggerpod\nhttps://www.facebook.com/triggerpod\nhttps://www.instagram.com/triggerpod\n\nAbout TRIGGERnometry: \n\nStand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

Check Out the video below:

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