London covid: The full number of coronavirus cases in every London borough exposed

Today, just a few time ago a brand new video called London covid: The full number of coronavirus cases in every London borough exposed was uploaded by the channel: Sara marry

As written in the youtube description by Sara marry: Sign up fornow and never miss the top politics stories again. SUBSCRIBE  We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The is about to enter a new phase in the coronavirus pandemic, with three tiers of lockdown measures introduced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson during Monday night’s press conference. Depending on the area and the number of coronavirus cases, measures could range from a not so restrictive Tier 1 to the strictest Tier 3 rules. Trending  Areas will see their Tiers increase, or decrease, dependent on the infection rate and the number of cases being recorded. One area at risk of seeing the Tier increase before it has even been implemented is London. At the time of writing London was due to be at Tier 1 come Wednesday, meaning no new restrictions would be brought in for the capital. Instead, the nationwide measures of Rule of Six and pm curfews on bars, pubs and restaurants will remain in place.   However, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said it is inevitable the capital will pass a \”trigger point\” to enter the higher Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions in the \”next few days\”. He told Sky : \”Across our city… the average over the last seven days is about 90 per 0,000. “All the indicators I have, hospital admissions, ICU occupancy, the numbers of older people with cases, the prevalence of the disease, the positivity are all going the wrong direction. \”Which means, I’m afraid, it’s inevitable over the course of the next few days London will have passed a trigger point to be in the second tier.\” The mayor has insisted London should move as a whole into higher restrictions despite variable rates across the capital. He said: \”We’re keen to go as one as we can see the complexities and the confusion caused by some boroughs having additional restrictions and other boroughs having less. \”Many Londoners work in one borough, live in another borough, study in another borough, go to a restaurant in another borough so we’re really keen to go as one city.\” Tier 2 status for London would see the city’s occupants banned from mixing households indoors.   Support bubble guidance would remain the same, and you could meet in groups of six as long as it is outside and socially distanced. In total since the pandemic began, London has recorded 62,340 cases, out of a population of approximately 9.2million. The rate of infection in London per 0,000 of the population is 695.6. Figures released by Public Health England showed Brent has recorded 2,781 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of today, while Barnet has had 2,971. Mr Khan has said in recent weeks London has seen a “sharp” increase in calls to non-emergency NHS number 111, while hospital admissions have increased.Cases per London Borough Data from PHE as of October 12 Barking and Dagenham – 1,487 cases in total – current rate of 698.4Barnet – 2,971 cases – current rate of 750.5Bexley – 1,609 cases – current rate of 648

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