Losing Miller shifts Broncos focus to offense

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As written in the page by rectionmayk extractedcarvalho: hurt in an accident? https://link.ws/denverlaw\nor call or text (720) 826-6363\n\nThe Denver Broncos will be moving forward without Von Miller. While that hurts the Broncos chances at a playoff run, it may not be the end of the season that many of us feared. Mike Tanier of Pro Football Network joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country tonight. The discussion was obviously about the impact of Miller’s injury. However, Tanier thinks the loss of Miller may not be the crushing blow to the season many see it as. Let’s not fool ourselves, losing Miller for even just 3 months, as some reports indicate could be a best case scenario, changes the outlook of the defense. That being said, the success of the Broncos will hinge far more on Drew Lock’s success.\nAs Tanier mentioned, the Broncos have done a good job of finding weapons for their young QB. Courtland Sutton leads a cast of players that will give Lock all the chances in the world to prove he is the future face of the franchise.\nWith big changes coming to the defense, it will be on the offense to keep them in games. Prior to Miller’s injury, Tanier believed the Broncos were a team that would contend for a playoff spot. Not much changed after the injury.\nIt’s not that Von Miller isn’t seen as a game changing player. This is much more about the development of Lock and his young offensive core. The big question shift from, can Lock be good enough to win close, low scoring games, to can Lock lead the Broncos to a win in a shootout. Miller’s injury is devastating to the team, but it could also be the catalyst that thrusts Lock into a bigger role. When the Broncos take on Tennessee on Monday Night Football, Lock will have his first opportunity to really become the face of the franchise.\n#caraccidentlawyerdenver\nhttps://goo.gl/maps/5SjxxA35TYHzPPJ9A\nBrad Freedberg Attorney at Law\n1888 Sherman St #200\nDenver, CO 80203\n(303) 892-0900\nhttps://www.bradfreedberg.com

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