Lucid announces the price and specs for the Air electric sedan

Today, few minutes ago a another video entitled Lucid announces the price and specs for the Air electric sedan was uploaded by the youtube channel: Lightning News

As informed in the by Lightning News: no, you’re not dreaming —Early adopters will need deep pockets, because 517 miles of range isn’t cheap. After much waiting, here it is—the production version of the Lucid Air. Lucid MotorsLucid’s engineering team cut its teeth on the Tesla Model S and have aimed to better that car in every aspect with the Air. Lucid MotorsEarly adopters will need deep pockets, though—the first two variants on sale in 2021 will cost north of $100,000. Lucid MotorsA cutaway of Lucid’s electric vehicle platform. Lucid MotorsLucid (under its previous name Atieva) has supplied battery packs for Formula E’s second-gen race car to good effect. Lucid MotorsLucid says that its electric motors are unrivaled for their power:volume ratio, which means more room for passengers and cargo in a small footprint. Lucid MotorsThe Air features a panoramic roof, similar to the Tesla Model X. Lucid MotorsThe press images we were sent do not include the cool reclining rear seats that we tried out in an earlier prototype. Lucid MotorsThe main instrument panel is a 34-inch 5K display. Like the Porsche Taycan, it lacks a cowl. Lucid MotorsLucid has been testing a trimotor version of the Air. Lucid MotorsThe company is also working on an electric SUV. Lucid MotorsOn Wednesday Lucid Motors unveiled the production version of its first electric vehicle. It goes into production this year with deliveries starting in Q2 2021 and uses Formula E-proven battery tech to achieve a range of 517 miles (813km) with a 113kWh pack. Despite a steady drip-feed of Air-related news over the past few months, until now we’ve been in the dark regarding important facts like how expensive it is, how powerful it is, and how fast it can go. The answer to all three of those—at least for the first year of production—is very. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: the Lucid Air is not going to be cheap. When we first met Lucid in 2017, it was hoping that the entry-level Air would cost $60,000. Unfortunately that won’t be the case—now the company says ”below $80,000” before tax credits for the cheapest version, which won’t arrive until 2022. But no carmaker kicks off a new model with stripped-down economy versions; whether you’re Tesla or Porsche, you bring out the big guns first. The biggest gun here is the Air Dream Edition. And I do mean big: 1,080hp (805kW), zero to 60mph (97km/h) in 2.5 seconds, the standing quarter-mile (402m) in 9.9 seconds (at 144mph/231km/h), and a price tag to match at $169,000 (or $161,500 once you file your tax return and claim the IRC 30D credit). The tradeoff for so much power and speed is a slight range hit, but fear not, the Air Dream Edition will still take you far on a single charge, with an estimated EPA range of 503 miles (810km) on 19-inch wheels, or 465 miles (748km) if it’s wearing 21-inch alloys instead. The other alternative for early adopters is the Air Grand Touring, which is the one that long-distance trumpet haulers will want.\n\nAll data is taken from the source:\nArticle Link:\n\n#LucidAir #newspolitics #usanewstoday #newstodayupdate #newstodayusa #newstodaybbc #

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