Macclesfield Town RTG Season 1 Episode 2

Today, few moments ago a another amazing video titled Macclesfield Town RTG Season 1 Episode 2 was uploaded in the channel: Captain Obvious

As written in the page by Captain Obvious: WELCOME BACK TO EPISODE TWO OF OUR ROAD TO GLORY CAREER MODE!! \nWe’re continuing our journey with Macclesfield Town. I thought their kits were different as they didn’t have too much going on with them and they are a really low rated team so will be amazing to get them as high as possible before FIFA 21 is released. That’s it really. How far will we take this Macclesfield Town side? Watch to find out!!\n\nLeave comments about cheap promising players to scout!!\n\nThanks for watching all, hows about leaving a like rating?

Check Out the video :

We will keep following releated news and posting anything we discover

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