Mary Berry s Tennis cake | #GBBO S06E07 | Victorian

Today, just a few minutes ago a another good video titled Mary Berry’s Tennis cake | #GBBO S06E07 | Victorian was posted by the Youtuber: Meghna’s Kitchen

As written in the video page by Meghna’s Kitchen: Mary Berry’s Tennis cake recipe is featured as the technical challenge in the \”Seventh\” episode of The Great British Baking Show.\n\nOriginal Recipe :\n\nI was so inspired by GBBO that I wanted to try all the technical challenge recipes.\n\nGBBO S06E07 – Victorian – Mary Berry’s Tennis cake\n\nIngredients for cake\n——————————\nRed glace cherries – 350 grams\nPineapple – 225 grams\nDried apricots – 350 grams\nBlanched almonds – 100 grams\nLemon Zest of 2 lemons\nSultanas – 350 grams\nUnsalted butter – 250 grams\nCaster sugar – 250 grams\nEggs – 5\nSelf raising flour – 250 grams\nGround almonds – 75 grams\n\nFor the almond paste:\n———————————-\nGround almonds – 250 grams\nCaster sugar – 150 grams\nIcing sugar – 150 grams\nEgg – 1 or Water as needed\nAlmond essence – 1 teaspoon\n\nFor the royal icing:\n—————————\nEgg whites – 3 \nIcing sugar – 675 grams\nDusky pink food coloring paste\nAutumn leaf food coloring paste\n\nFor the fondant:\n————————-\nGelatin – 4 leaves \nWater – 2 tablespoon\nLiquid glucose – 60 ml\nGlycerine – 1½ teaspoon\nIcing sugar – 500 grams\nMint green food coloring paste\n\nEQUIPMENT\n——————–\nDeep 23cm x 15cm rectangular cake tin\n4 piping bags\nNo. 2 writing nozzle\nNo. 3 writing nozzle\nNo. 7 small star nozzle\nNo. 8 medium star nozzle\n\nNotes/Tips\n1. I made half the amount of royal icing and fondant, and it was enough.\n2. I used water instead of egg in almond paste.\n3. I used gelatin powder instead of leaf like in original recipe. So I bloomed gelatin in 1 tablespoon of cold water before adding.\n4. I used vegetable oil instead of glycerin. You can also use corn syrup.\n5. It’s always better to use gel food coloring instead of liquid color.\n6. You can always substitute Self-Rising Flour with \n 1 cup /120 grams Unbleached All-Purpose Flour\n 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder\n 1/4 teaspoon salt\n7. I used 8X8 inch square cake pan.

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