Mojsi vs ♨wataporon♨ [NT World Championship]

Today, just a few moments ago a another amazing video entitled Mojsi vs ♨wataporon♨ [NT World Championship] was uploaded by the youtube channel: Stats Royale

As written in the youtube page by Stats Royale: Match details:\n\n\n\nMojsi\n\n\ndeck:\nRoyal Giant, Skeleton Barrel, Firecracker, Bats, Poison, Barbarian Barrel, Skeleton Army, Goblin Cage\n;26000056;26000064;26000049;28000009;28000015;26000012;27000012\n\n\n♨wataporon♨\n\n\ndeck:\nKnight, Musketeer, Royal Delivery, Barbarian Barrel, Graveyard, Skeleton Dragons, Barbarian Hut, Poison\n;26000014;28000018;28000015;28000010;26000080;27000005;28000009

Check Out the video :

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