NFL Rumors & News On Odell Beckham, DeAndre Hopkins Deal, Alvin Kamara Extension & Colin Kaepernick

Today, just a few moments ago a another good video titled NFL Rumors & News On Odell Beckham, DeAndre Hopkins Deal, Alvin Kamara Extension & Colin Kaepernick was published by the Youtuber: Chat Sports

As written in the youtube page by Chat Sports: NFL News and rumors include the wild Odell Beckham story, Madden 21’s ridiculous rating for Colin Kaepernick and contract extension updates on DeAndre Hopkins, Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt. \n\nOdell Beckham is back in NFL rumors and for an even weird reason than ever. If you believe the rumors, OBJ apparently likes to be pooped on. No, seriously, that’s the claim. It’s weird, but it was the top NFL story out there today. \n\nSave 25% on 100’s on NFL Jerseys at Fanatics: \n\nNFL News focused heavily on new contract extensions today. DeAndre Hopkins got a MASSIVE and record-setting deal with the Arizona Cardinals, while Kareem Hunt got a nice deal from the Cleveland Browns. But where’s Alvin Kamara’s deal with the New Orleans Saints? NFL Daily host Tom Downey has the latest. \n\nMadden 21 is not doing well and their rating for Colin Kaepernick is another reason for it. He’s an 81 overall, ahead of nearly half the starting QB’s in the NFL. That’s WILD for a player who hasn’t played since 2016. Just unreal. \n\nThe Seattle Seahawks have picked their starting center. It’s not BJ Finney, but rather former 2nd round pick Ethan Pocic. Is it the right move for the Seahawks and Russell Wilson? \n\nHere’s the full list of NFL Rumors \u0026 News:\n- DeAndre Hopkins MEGA Deal\n- Odell Beckham … Story?\n- Alvin Kamara Extension?\n- Colin Kaepernick Madden 21 Rating\n- Kareem Hunt Extension\n- Seahawks Starting Center\n\nSub today for FREE NFL videos every single day: \n\nHit up Tom Downey on social media with any NFL questions you’ve got:\n \n\n\nChat Sports has a Facebook page, so give us a like: \n\nChat Sports is also on Twitter ( and Instagram ( \n\nDownload the Chat Sports app for iPhone or Android for more NFL news and rumors: \n\n#NFL #NFLNews #NFLRumors #CSFAN2020

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