Nikola “Responds” To Allegations (and incriminate themselves further)

Today, just a few time ago a brand new video called Nikola “Responds” To Allegations (and incriminate themselves further) was uploaded by: Solving The Money Problem

As published in the video page by Solving The Money Problem: It’s the end for Nikola. Mark my words. 💲1 Free Stock on WeBull: (USA). 💲1 Free Stock on Stake: (Australia, UK \u0026 NZ).👕 Merch 📚 My Top 100 Books \n\n🚀 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ON PATREON\n◆ Patreon\n\nBECOME A MEMBER OF THE CHANNEL\n◆ Join\n\nCHANNEL MERCH \n◆ Merch store\n\nAFFILIATES\n◆ Get 1 Free Stock (up to $1600) on WeBull: \n\n◆ Get 1 Free Stock on Stake:\n (Australia, United Kingdom \u0026 New Zealand)\n◆ Get 1 Month Free Premium Access (valued at $10) to HyperCharts:\n \n\nGEAR\n◆ Osprey 40L Backpack \n◆ Razer Blade Pro 15 Laptop \n◆ Blue Yeti Microphone\n◆ Logitech Brio Webcam \n\nMY TOP INVESTING/FINANCE BOOKS (listen for FREE with an audible trial) \n◆ Benjamin Graham – The Intelligent Investor\n◆ Robert Kiosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad\n◆ Thomas Stanley – The Millionaire Next Door\n◆ Felix Dennis – How To Get Rich\n◆ Napolean Hill – Think And Grow Rich\n◆ George Clason – Richest Man In Babylon\n\nMY TOP BOOKS\n◆ Ashlee Vance – Elon Musk\n◆ Tony Robbins – Personal Power 2\n◆ Corey Wayne – How To Be A 3% Man\n◆ Florence Littauer – Personality Plus\n◆ Sam Harris – Free Will\n\nSOCIAL\n◆ Instagram\n◆ Twitter\n\nSOURCE \n◆Nikola Sets the Record Straight on False and Misleading Short Seller Report\n\nIn this video I discuss #Nikola’s (#NKLA) pitiful attempted response to allegations of deception, lies and misleading statements by Hindenburg Research, a short-seller.\n\nIn my opinion, this is the beginning of the end of Nikola. Grab your popcorn. This is a great case study.\n\nAs always, in this video I’m just sharing my #investment thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep. 🐑\n\nI love you all,\nSteven\n\np.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.

Watch the video below:

We will keep following releated news and posting anything we find

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