Noor Bin Laden, Niece of Osama Bin Laden Has Released An Emotional Statement Addressing America

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As published in the video page by Talk Right Network: Noor Bin Laden, Niece of Osama Bin Laden Has Released An Emotional Statement Addressing America\n====================================================================\nTalk Right Network is an initiative to cover global events with contributors around the globe. \nCurrently we have association with article and video contributors from United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Holland and Germany with the editing team that sits in India. \nIf you want to join our team as a contributor, Please get in touch with us here : [email protected] \nPS: Our content is always based on research and backed by logic, Whether its politics, health, science or technology, We dont promote anything based on individual bias. We are also very sensitive on opinions made on the actions of any individual or any organization that leads to unwanted promotion or hate. A better perspective on the subject matter is the voice that need be heard. The Reason why we are \”Talk Right\” \n——————————–\nTranscript\n——————————–\nIt has been 19 years when lot of us felt it was the beginning for the end of the world, 9-11 a day in the history that has changed the course of 21st century, Hollywood got inspired to make movies, politicians used it to attack each other, war and bomb business boomed but the people who have lost their loved ones and those who had a narrow escape may not be able to forget it. \nOn the 19th year the families of the fallen men, women and children once again came together to honor their loved ones at the sites their lives were stolen.\nAcross the country, flags were flown at half-staff and bells tolled — a sad visual and solemn sound of collective mourning for those killed in America’s deadliest terrorist attack.\nA surprise statement was released by Noor Bin Laden, the niece of 9/11 terror attacks mastermind Osama bin Laden explaining how she has felt of the tragedy over years. \nI will read out a part of her statement as is: \nFor the past 19 years not a day has gone by since this horrific, tragic day that I haven’t thought of you, America, and grieved privately with you for all the innocent lives lost. \nThis is in part due to the inexplicable turn of fate that links me these atrocious attacks but more importantly because of my love for your country. \nAs I have written to you in my letter the values and feelings I hold are diametrically opposed to the name that I bear. \nSometimes you don’t know how to react and the mixed feelings leave you short of words but the warmth in her words explains she did not have an easy last 19 years (n)either and even she was a victim of her uncles atrocious act. \nIn last few days she has been very vocal on America and upcoming election as she has extended her support for President Trump claiming that that a similar attack may be around the corner if Democratic Party’s Joe Biden is elected President of the United States. According to her, only current President Donald Trump can protect the country and avert another 9/11 . \nIn her first-ever interview, Noor told The Post that the ISIS expanded when Obama and Biden were in power and it allowed them to infiltrate into Europe. According to her, Trump has actively worked towards obliterating terrorism and terrorists by nipping it in the bud before the attackers got a chance to even strike.\nNow speaking the truth and talking with facts is something liberals don’t like, so she better watch out, a lot of hate might be coming her way. \nWhat are your thoughts? If you find our video informative please like, share and subscribe. \nThanks for tuning in to Talk Right Network.

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