Nvidia Is Changing EVERYTHING

Today, just a few moments ago a another great video called Nvidia Is Changing EVERYTHING was posted by the channel: UFD Tech

As published in the video page by UFD Tech: ► Data is everywhere! Enhance your career and acquire new skills by taking a course on DataCamp! Click here to take the first chapter of any course for FREE: https://bit.ly/3ikoOj4 (you’ll be supporting my channel too!)\n\n► Follow me on Twitch – http://www.twitch.tv/ufdisciple\n► Send Us Fanmail!: P.O. Box 5697 Gainesville, FL 32627\n► Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cUXBYUh\n\nSources \u0026 Timestamps!\n► 0:00 – Intro \n► 01:34 – PS5 Announcement: https://engt.co/2ZBH7sW \n► 02:06 – RTX 3080 Reviews Delayed: https://bit.ly/33oo2eM \nhttps://bit.ly/3bUkzIR \nhttps://bit.ly/2RswnbC \n► 03:28 – RTX 3070 Sale Date: https://bit.ly/3c0jBdZ \n► 03:48 – Nvidia Officially Acquiring ARM: https://bit.ly/3bVQAjw \nhttps://bit.ly/2RpNZVG \nhttps://bit.ly/32uKzrf \nhttps://engt.co/35zYqhC \n► 07:01 – Big Ampere Chip: https://bit.ly/33q8RSv \nhttps://bit.ly/3kjy1cj \n► 07:39 – Ampere Chip Binning: https://bit.ly/2RpX5lq \n► 08:32 – Oracle Buying TikTok: https://engt.co/33vppIy \nhttps://engt.co/32q4FCK \n► 10:24 – Xbox Series S Can’t Enhance: https://engt.co/3mjIHJH\nhttps://bit.ly/33q3iTX \n► 11:06 – Game Pass PC Price Increase: https://bit.ly/33qJK1F \n► 11:35 – Samsung S20 Fan: https://engt.co/3isN9DH \nhttps://bit.ly/3hoXBul \n► 12:00 – Samsung Snapdragon Deal: https://bit.ly/2FtWhct \n► 12:55 – SN8 60K Ft Flight: https://engt.co/35yDrvD \nhttps://bit.ly/2RonkZt \n► 13:19 – Vinyl Outsold CDs: https://engt.co/33tgHKW \n► 13:44 – Sony A7C: https://bit.ly/3kiktOi \n► 14:24 – Free Tesla Charging: https://engt.co/3bYBGsM \n► 14:50 – OnePlus Buds Counterfeit Airpods: https://engt.co/2Rp6HwK \nhttps://bit.ly/3izUt0o \nhttps://bit.ly/33tAx8L \n► 15:46 – Sharp 120” 8K TV: https://bit.ly/2E1zXXm \n\n► For the outro music by Kalyptra: https://goo.gl/KyLzTB\n\n► Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ufdisciple\n► Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ufdtech\n► Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/ufd_tech\n► Twitch – http://www.twitch.com/ufdisciple\n\nPresenter: Brett Sticklemonster\nVideographer: Brett Sticklemonster\nEditor: Catlin Stevenson\nThumbnail Designer: Reece Hill\n\nThis video was sponsored by DataCamp

Check Out the video below:

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