NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40 billion

Today, just a few time ago a new video titled NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40 billion was published in the channel: Gary Explains

As published in the video description by Gary Explains: NVIDIA has signed a deal to acquire Arm for $40 billion. NVIDIA says that Arm will continue with its open-licensing model and customer neutrality, plus there is the promise of a new global center of excellence in AI research, including an Arm/NVIDIA-powered AI supercomputer, at Arm’s Cambridge campus. But what aren’t they telling us?\n\nIntroduction to Android app development: https://www.dgitacademy.com\r\n\r\nLet Me Explain T-shirt: https://teespring.com/gary-explains-let-me-explain-2\r\n\r\nTwitter: https://twitter.com/garyexplains\r\nInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/garyexplains/\r\n\r\n#garyexplains

Check Out the video below:

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