Olympic Gold Medalist Erica Wiebe On 2020 Olympic Games Being Postponed

few time ago a another video entitled Olympic Gold Medalist Erica Wiebe On 2020 Olympic Games Being Postponed was revealed by: SPORTSNETCANADA

As published in the video description by SPORTSNETCANADA: 0:10 – How Wiebe is processing everything
0:47 – Disappointing to not go to Olympics, proud of Canada taking a stand
2:10 – Worried about competing last weekend?
3:21 – How much does preparation change with an extra year?
4:50 – What do you tell a first-time Olympian in this circumstance?
5:55 – Is it a relief not missing the 2020 Olympics?
6:54 – Wiebe’s plans for the next little while
7:18 – Reaction to IOC deferring decision on Sunday

As it becomes more and more likely that the 2020 Olympic Games will become the 2021 Games, Olympic gold medalist in wrestling Erica Wiebe joins Arash Madani to discuss the decision, and why she’s proud to be a Canadian athlete.


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