Oregon Wildfires, Smokey Air & Evacuations | Lane County, Sept 8, 2020

Today, a few moments ago a another good video called Oregon Wildfires, Smokey Air & Evacuations | Lane County, Sept 8, 2020 was published in the channel: Rachel Mary

As informed in the by Rachel Mary: (IMPORTANT LINKS BELOW) Wildfires across the Western United States have combined in recent Pacific Northwest wind storms to being apocalyptic skies and unbreathable air in and around the Willamette Valley. While wildfires around Marion and Lane County have caused many to evacuate the countryside, still more dry winds pose a greater risk into Wednesday.\n\nRachel Reports from the Willamette Valley where the valley hills have trapped dangerously high levels of particulates and smoke. Residents are seeing ash gather outside as this years large fires encroach on more densely populated areas.\n\nRules to follow if close to a bad fire:\n1. Stay calm\n2. Stay in contact\n3. Watch for falling hot ash or embers\n5. Know where is safe\n4. Be ready to go at the drop of a pin (water, canned food, medkit, etc.)\n5. Have backup places you can go to\n\nOregon Live Fire Map:\nhttps://projects.oregonlive.com/wildfires/map\n\nOregon.gov Fire Maps (BEST):\nhttps://www.oregon.gov/odf/fire/pages/firestats.aspx\n\nFor Lane County Evacuation information:\nhttps://www.lanecounty.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=17035134\n\nSpringfield Oregon Outage Map (Springfield Utility Board):\n\nOregon State Power Outages:\nhttps://poweroutage.us/area/state/oregon\n\nEWEB Outage Map, Eugene \u0026 Springfield:\nhttp://www.eweb.org/outages-and-safety/power-outages/power-outage-map\n\nOPB Oregon Evacuation Updates:\nhttps://www.opb.org/article/2020/09/08/evacuations-along-highway-22-as-oregon-fires-spread-quickly-monday-night/?fbclid=IwAR3zYerGBNAw-gHP4qtCOc0VsVgOMY2WwLovEse-sdygzieFWgzzw-UDzik

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