Ormskirk, Lancashire | Town Centre Walk 2020

few time ago a another amazing video entitled Ormskirk, Lancashire | Town Centre Walk 2020 was uploaded by the Youtuber: Let’s Walk!

As published in the by Let’s Walk!: Join me for a walk of Ormskirk Town Centre, one of the most interesting and pleasant towns in all of Lancashire. Located at the crossroads between Liverpool, Southport, Wigan and Preston, Ormskirk is a traditional market town steeped in history dating back at least 1,000 years.\n\nOn our walk, we pass a number of interesting landmarks, including Ormskirk Train Station, Emmanuel Methodist United Reformed Church, The Railway Hotel, Ormskirk Magistrates’ Court, Ormskirk Clock Tower, the site of Ormskirk Market, the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk Civic Hall, Hurlston Brook, Coronation Park and Ormskirk Library.\n\nRemember, you can always watch the video at 2x speed if you want to speed things up!\n\n0:00 Ormskirk Train Station\n0:52 Ormskirk Station Approach\n1:12 Emmanuel Methodist United Reformed Church\n1:22 Ormskirk Station Road Bridge\n1:51 The Railway Hotel\n2:00 Derby Street\n2:41 Ormskirk Magistrates’ Court\n2:55 Derby Street\n3:26 Leyland Way\n4:28 Briefly getting lost\n4:54 Wheatsheaf Walk\n5:17 Burscough Street\n6:01 Ormskirk Clock Tower and Market Centre\n6:55 Moor Street\n8:02 Moorgate\n9:09 Park Road\n10:11 Aughton Street\n11:06 Ormskirk Clock Tower\n11:16 Church Street\n13:37 Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul\n15:25 Ormskirk Ring Road/A570\n16:00 Southport Road\n16:44 Ormskirk Civic Hall\n17:18 Church Fields\n19:24 Hurlston Brook\n19:41 Church Fields Park\n21:42 Coronation Park Pond\n22:40 Coronation Park\n23:32 Coronation Park and Ormskirk Bandstand\n24:00 Coronation Park\n24:57 Ormskirk Ring Road/A570\n26:57 Derby Street West\n28:31 Burscough Street\n30:14 Ormskirk Clock Tower\n30:26 Thank you for watching!\n\nStats for nerds:\n\nDistance walked: 1.8 miles/2.9km\nStep count: 3600 steps (approx.)\nTime taken: 30 mins 8 secs\nAverage speed: 3.6mph/5.8kmh

Check Out the video below:

We will keep following the channel and posting anything we find

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