(PATRIOT DAY 9/11 SPECIAL) An Audio Effect I Call “Spectre9/11Light”

Today, a few time ago a another amazing video titled (PATRIOT DAY 9/11 SPECIAL) An Audio Effect I Call “Spectre9/11Light” was published by the Youtuber: MediaSonicForcesLogoMaker598 / MCBLE607

As published in the page by MediaSonicForcesLogoMaker598 / MCBLE607: (aka. Klasky Csupo in Spectre9/11Light)\n9/11 is one of the saddest days every year for Americans like me. (Yes I’m American, I live in the United States)\n\n\nUNIVERSAL DISCLAIMER IN POEM FORM:\nAll Credit goes to their Owners\nwhoever they maybe\nand all the MSFLM598 Logos\nare the only things from Me!\n\n© 2020 The Kyoobur Company \nAll Right Reserved.

Watch the video :

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