Phil Collins In The Air Tonight but it s a Super Hero Theme

just a few moments ago a new video entitled Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight but it’s a Super Hero Theme was revealed in the channel: RadBuddy

As written in the youtube page by RadBuddy: Combining elements from both the original and Orchestral version by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Cover, Editing the Tempo, trying to fix the pitch, and cutting a lot of both songs now merged, and without Phil’s lyrics, I’ve managed to make a Super Hero theme out of two songs which both versions have nothing to do with the genre whatsoever. Hope you enjoyed this little edit.\n\nSong: In The Air Tonight\n\nArtist: Phil Collins\n\nOrchestra: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra\n\nI do not own nor did I create this content/music in it’s original form. I’m just an editor having fun. No copyright infringement intended. Made under Fair Use and serves as free publicity for the original content.

Watch the video below:

We will keep following the news and publishing anything we find

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