President Trump Calls On Fox News To Fire Correspondent Jennifer Griffin – USN News

Today, just a few minutes ago a brand new video titled President Trump Calls On Fox News To Fire Correspondent Jennifer Griffin – USN News was published by the Youtuber: USN News

As informed in the description by USN News: President Trump Calls On Fox News To Fire Correspondent Jennifer Griffin – USN News\n\nPresident Donald Trump has pushed back against Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin, who backed up some of the allegations reported in a controversial story by The Atlantic accusing Trump of disparaging slain US military veterans.\n\n\nGriffin cited two anonymous former “senior” US  officials in her reporting, saying they confirmed “key parts” of The Atlantic‘s story. However, she added that the sources could not confirm “the most salacious” part.\n\n\nOn Thursday evening, The Atlantic reported that President Donald Trump had referred to dead American World War I troops in France as “losers” and “suckers” in 2018; and that he canceled a trip to a military cemetery because he did not want his hair wet.\n\nSource Of Image: Google\n\n#trump #jennifer #USNnews\n\n\njennifer griffin fox news,\njennifer griffin trump,\nJohn Bolton, John Bolton Defends trump, bolton trump, war dead, trump the atlantic, the atlantic, trump veterans, jeffrey goldberg, the atlantic news, jennifer griffin, john polton exclusive, belleau wood, bret baier, fox news bret baier, bret baier john bolton, special report, special report with bret baier, donald trump twitter, joe biden trump, biden trump, john bolton on trump,\njennifer griffin twitter, jennifer griffin trump, jennifer griffin political party, jennifer griffin political affiliation, jennifer griffin husband, jennifer griffin fox news cancer, jennifer griffin fox news atlantic, jennifer griffin fox news, jennifer griffin fox, jennifer griffin democrat or republican, jennifer griffin confirms, jennifer griffin atlantic, jennifer aniston, fox news confirms, fox news atlantic, fox confirms atlantic, donald trump, Jennifer Griffin\ndonald trump,jennifer griffin trump,jennifer griffin fox,jennifer griffin losers suckers,fox news losers suckers,trump fox losers suckers,fox news trump losers,jennifer griffin political party,jennifer griffin political affiliation,jennifer griffin fox news cancer,jennifer griffin fox news atlantic,jennifer griffin fox news,jennifer griffin democrat or republican,shocker fox newss jennifer griffin,\n\nThanks for Watching: USN News #USNnews\nt

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