#QuickRant – Denise Welch Needs To Get Real!

a few minutes ago a new video entitled #QuickRant – Denise Welch Needs To Get Real! was posted by: Theo Samuels

As informed in the description by Theo Samuels: Many people believe that Covid-19 isn’t real. Many people are thinking that the pandemic is over. Well, today, I saw Denise Welch on This Morning talking about the mental health aspect. I AGREE that this has taken its toll on everybody but this virus is still here. The pandemic isn’t over. That’s why I don’t listen to conspiracy theories. I deal with facts. I deal with reality. #QuickRant #DeniseWelch #ThisMorning #Covid-19 #Coronavirus #Pandemic #VirusOutbreak

Check Out the video below:

We will keep following the channel and posting anything we discover

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