Today, few moments ago a brand new video titled (Reaction) ISSA RAE & BEIBER ON SNL was uploaded in the channel: n a t e f r m b k l y n

As written in the description by n a t e f r m b k l y n: Amazingly dope Cali screenwriter/actress/exec producer of HBO’s \”Insecure\” and former YouTube success story ISSA RAE hosted the famed NBC staple \”Saturday Night Live!\” on last evening and I stayed up to watch. Musical guest was Justin Beiber sans a full band (only a pianist and a rapper), and was pretty dope as dope goes. Just had an issue with the lack of some of the knee slap funny I usually get from SNL writers, maybe it was me? Issa looked great and had a pretty smooth monologue and really got into the Canadian segment and the outside date when her cooky exes kept showing up.\n\n-n a t e f r m b k l y n

Check Out the video :

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