Reflection – Mulan in Real Life

just a few moments ago a another amazing video titled Reflection – Mulan in Real Life was published by: Working with Lemons

As written in the page by Working with Lemons: Wishing Disney’s live action Mulan had the same music? We’ve got you covered! Here’s our take on the movie if they brought the cartoon version into real life! We hope you enjoy Reflection!\n\nWhich version of Reflection do you prefer? Christina Aguilera or Ally Choe? Both are great! \nWe’re excited to watch Liu Yifei as Mulan on Disney Plus! It’s being released Sep 4th! And is Mulan on Smite? I heard she is! \n\nMulan – Ally Cho\n\nJoin the Team! –\n \nGet official Working with Lemons merchandise –\n\nLyrics:\nLook at me\nI will never pass for a perfect bride\nOr a perfect daughter\nCan it be I’m not meant to play this part\nNow I see\nThat if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart\nWho is that girl I see\nStaring straight, back at me\nWhy is my reflection someone I don’t know\nSomehow I cannot hide\nWho I am\nThough I’ve tried\nWhen will my reflection show who I am inside\nWhen will my reflection show who I am inside

Watch the video :

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