Santa Clara County moves to the Orange Tier (Tier 3) in the State s Framework | 2020-10-14

few moments ago a new video titled Santa Clara County moves to the Orange Tier (Tier 3) in the State’s Framework | 2020-10-14 was revealed by the Youtuber: County of Santa Clara Public Health

As written in the by County of Santa Clara Public Health: LIVE with the County of Santa Clara: We discuss the announcement from California that Santa Clara County is moving from the Red Tier (Tier 2) to the Orange Tier (Tier 3). Counties assigned to the Orange Tier are still experiencing a \”moderate spread\” of COVID-19. The State framework allows some business operations to reopen services to the interior with modifications provided that protocols and appropriate protective measures are strictly followed. \n\n*Our panel participants take off their face coverings to allow ASL translators to better follow the conversation. The public is encouraged to keep on their face coverings when conducting essential activities outside of the home.

Check Out the video :

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