Screw the self-employed

Today, just a few minutes ago a brand new video titled Screw the self-employed was uploaded by the Youtuber: Hyperfantasia

As written in the page by Hyperfantasia: An important public announcement (The Musical).

While businesses and employees are receiving government support in the UK following the coronavirus outbreak, at the time of writing many self-employed people have left to sink as their means of income vanishes.

Self-employed people are taxpayers too.

If you know self-employed people, please do what you can to support them – buy the dresses they make, the books and music they write, take their online classes.

This video is my small part to encourage our noble leaders to re-think their predicament.

Any likeness to real life personalities or politicians is completely coincidental.

Watch the video :

We will keep following the channel and publishing everything we find

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