Should I Invest in Gold? – Be Careful Who You Listen To!

Today, a few time ago a new video titled Should I Invest in Gold? – Be Careful Who You Listen To! was uploaded in the channel: Samuel Leeds

As published in the video page by Samuel Leeds: Should I Invest in Gold? – Be Careful Who You Listen To!\nJoin me for a FREE Webinar:\n\nGold recently reached an all time high and is currently worth $1,961.95 per ounce at time of writing. In the last two years gold has increased in value by 64% which is staggeringly high and far greater than most other investments even including real estate. \n\nThere is much confusion around whether or not to put money into gold. My thoughts are that it is a great place to preserve wealth and has clearly stood the test of time. Central Banks are investing in gold and so are many wealthy people. However, it does not pay any monthly returns or dividends so it is useless for building passive income. \n\nI cringe when I look at some of the nonsense but online about gold and investments due to their lack of understanding and clear bad advise. I am not a financial advisor and can only give my opinion based from my experience as an investor and self-made millionaire, but my best piece of advise would be to do your own research and make up your own mind. Be a student of many but a blind follower of nobody. \n\nTo receive FREE Investment Training and Become Financially Free, please check out my upcoming webinars:\n\nShare this video:\n\n🎥 How to build a property portfolio from scratch in 7 DAYS:\n\n❓ Have a question about property? Join my Property Facebook Group:\n\n🗣️FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:\nInstagram:\nFacebook Group:\nFacebook Page:\nTwitter:\nLinkedIn:\n\nFor any speaking or collaboration enquires please email [email protected]\n\n🔔 Subscribe for daily content:\n\n#BuyingGold #SamuelLeeds

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