Sid Vicious and The Misfits

few time ago a brand new video called Sid Vicious and The Misfits was uploaded by the Youtuber: Frumess Films LLC

As published in the by Frumess Films LLC: #Jerryonly #Misfits #DoyleWolfgangVonFrankenstein #Lodi #Glenndanzig #TheMisfits #Danzig #sidvicious #sexpistols \nExploring some of the brief threads/overlaps between Sid Vicious and The Misfits.\n\nFrom the second part of \”Only Jerry, SECRET HISTORY 1993 – Part 2\”\nwhere continue the look at a 77-83 career spanning interview with Jerry Only’s 1993 mindset. UGLY THINGS #12, Summer 1993\n\nWe got Teeshirts now!\nHorror Punk Sour Cream –…\nTCFL –…\n\nGot laid off recently. If ya feel like supporting this channel by buying me a cup of coffee, you can right here!\n\n#supportindiehorror You can rent my films on VOD – HERE:\nCheck out my feature \”Romeo’s Distress\” AVAILABLE to rent/stream FREE on Prime (outside of US/UK) –\n\nIf ya can’t spare a dime, go here to my site and click on some of the ads, I get some pennies in my adsense account and it costs you NOTHING!

Watch the video below:

We will keep following releated news and posting anything we find

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