So Netflix Released Cuties… (It s Bad)

few minutes ago a another good video called So Netflix Released Cuties… (It’s Bad) was uploaded by the youtube channel: Dumpy

As informed in the youtube description by Dumpy: Mini Ladd’s new movie \”Cuties\” has been released by Netflix and it’s terrible.\n-\nNetflix is Officially Cancelled over this disgusting movie. A lot of people were wondering \”What did netflix do?\” Netflix recently released this movie called \”Cuties\” and it was a disgusting movie and people are upset by this.\n-\ntwitter:\npodcast:\ninstagram:\ndiscord:\n-\nSo Netflix Released Cuties… (It’s Bad)\n-\n#cancelnetflix\n-\ndon’t witchhunt or harass anyone I talk about in my videos. My videos are meant to make people’s days, not to send hate to anyone.

Watch the video below:

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