Stream it or skip it : ‘The Social Dilemma’ |Review

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As published in the by The Notifier: As per the report of Decider, \”Orlowski interviews a number of former Silicon Valley executives, many of whom left their companies — mostly the aforementioned three, along with Pinterest and others — due to having moral misgivings about just how manipulative the companies’ algorithims, and the artificial intelligence that takes those algorithms and morphs them into something unstoppable, really are. The main person that Orlowski talks to is Tristan Harris, a former Google executive in charge of ethics, who is the co-founder for the Center for Humane Technology.\nIf you’re wondering why it seems that the world is so divided these days, social media is a huge reason, and to demonstrate that, Orlowski turns to a fictional family whose kids are addicted to social media to various degrees. Oldest daughter Cassandra (Kara Hayward) doesn’t even have a phone, and youngest daughter Isla (Sophia Hammons) is so addicted to her phone that when her mother tries to lock it away in a plastic “kitchen safe” just for the hour they eat dinner, she smashes the safe with a hammer (but wears goggles!) after about five minutes.\nMiddle son Ben (Skyler Gisondo) is almost as addicted, but tries to go without for a week; he lasts for two days. We see the AI that manages Ben’s feeds via three people, all played by Vincent Kartheiser. When he goes to an “extreme center” political page, the AI triplets push more of the same content towards him, to the point that he stops going to soccer practice, flirting with his cute friend or doing much of anything else. He goes to a protest and gets arrested, and so does Cassandra, when all she was doing was going to find him. Inside the AI “cell” though, the avatar for Ben gets slowly filled out until it’s pretty much a lookalike.\”

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