The Chase s Mark Labbett battled to save marriage after forgiving wife s affair

Today, a few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled The Chase’s Mark Labbett battled to save marriage after forgiving wife’s affair was uploaded by the channel: mxl new Br

As written in the youtube page by mxl new Br: 💖 Please Visit:\r\n💖 Please Subscribe:\r\n✍  The Chase’s has confirmed his open marriage to wife Katie is over for good.  The sad news comes after a rocky few years for the couple – that saw the big-hearted quiz star even forgive an affair.  While he is known as ‘The Beast’ to fans of the ITV quiz show, in real life Mark, 55, showed his soft side as he fought to save his marriage.  Last year, it was revealed that his wife Katie, 28, had been involved with a younger man for a year.  It was reported at the time that Katie had been abroad with Scott Bate, 30, who wooed her with day trips and a Valentine’s Day treat – while she was married to Mark.  After the scandal was made public, Mark stayed at his £600,000 home in Hereford with his wife and their young son.  ‘Crisis talks’ ensued and Mark ultimately decided their six year marriage was worth saving.  A spokesperson confirmed his decision at the time: \”Mark and Katie are not splitting up. Everything is fine between them and they have been at home together this week.\”  Mark la …\r\n💖 #MarkLabbett, #TheChase, #Marriage, #Cheating

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