just a few moments ago a another good video called THE DUCHESS REACTION EP 1 was published in the channel: The Shannon Show

As informed in the by The Shannon Show: The Duchess is Netflix’s latest comedy but is it a hit?\n\nJoin the Conversation.\n\nWays to support the Black Lives Matter Movement\n\nThread of petitions:\n\nOther ways to help:\n\nJoin the Conversation.\n\nCheck out my written reviews for ThisGMedia:\n\nWelcome to my channel. My name is Shannon Bafundila and I’m from London! \n\nBusiness/ Collaboration only: [email protected] \n\nPayPal Support/Donations: [email protected] \n\nLet’s Get Social:… \nMicrophone\nH1 Zoom\n\nEditing\nFinal Cut Pro \n\nCredits \nNetflix\n\nNicolai Heidlas Music. SUNNY HOLIDAYS – Free Upbeat Ukulele Background Music for videos.\n\n#TheDuchess #TheDuchessNetflix #KatherineRyan

Watch the video below:

We will keep following releated news and publishing anything we discover

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