The Ups & Downs of Day Trading | LK, WORK, BA, UAL, ZM & RCL

Today, just a few moments ago a another amazing video entitled The Ups & Downs of Day Trading | LK, WORK, BA, UAL, ZM & RCL was posted by the channel: Conservative Trades

As published in the youtube description by Conservative Trades: I made it to Friday!! Can you believe it? Wow! This week has been incredible…and full of so many ups and downs. What an emotional roller coaster in the stock market. So glad to have the weekend so that I can relax and reset my brain. Those of you who have never day traded just don’t understand how much of a toll this stuff can take on a person. You really do have to be on top of your game every second of every minute that you spend trading in the market. Today I started with a BONE-HEADED premarket move on UAL. Why did I jump in with 200 shares? I have no clue. Should have been just a hundred. And then I jumped right into ZM at the opening bell…just too hopeful for a massive move with this ever-choppy stock. NOT SMART (bone-headed move #2). LK was legit…first I was up around 80 bucks…then I was down. Caught an excellent reversal on WORK. Scalped the heck out of BA and RCL. Dug myself out of a nearly $300 hole and ended the day up over $160. I really am just done with this stuff for now. Nonetheless, I’ll be back on Monday to try again. Hopefully the profits will be much better. Enjoy the recap!

CONSERVATIVE TRADES – “Risk Less. Profit More.”

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***The trades seen in these videos are in no way intended to be used as advice or guidance for your own trading. These videos are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Day trading and investing in the stock market is often considered high risk. Please do not take any comments as direction in trading your own account. In short: Though I have a wealth of knowledge in day trading, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL ADVISER. If you trade, you trade at your own risk.***

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