The Walking Dead 9×02 “The Bridge” Reaction & Review

few time ago a new video called The Walking Dead 9×02 “The Bridge” Reaction & Review was posted by the channel: Gem of Amara

As written in the video description by Gem of Amara: FULL \u0026 EARLY REACTIONS:\n\n\n*\n\nTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE WALKING DEAD reactions every weekend!\n\nTHE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR coming October 2020.\n\n*\n\nTwitter – CHANNEL UPDATES ONLY:\n\nTwitter – MAIN ACCOUNT: (I pretty much only post about Buffy on this account so beware of spoilers.)\n\n*\n\[email protected]\n\n*\n\nANIMATED INTRO BACKGROUND:\n\u0026t=423s\n\nINTRO MUSIC:\nArtist – Ross Bugden\nArtist Link –…\nMusic Provided By Notchback Music (NBM)\n\n\nOUTRO MUSIC:\nLightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license\n( \nSource: \nArtist:\n\n*\n\n#TWD #TheWalkingDead #reaction

Watch the video :

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