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As published in the youtube page by Winter is Coming: This week Dan Selcke \u0026 Mia Johnson discuss the release of the newest trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s adapation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Is it everything we could have hoped for? What will be David Lynch’s response?\n\nWe also reflect on the upcoming final season of The Walking Dead which is set to end after season 11, as well as the recent cancellation of Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. Could either of these shows find new life on a streaming platform? C’mon HBO Max! Dean \u0026 Hank need you!\n\nLastly – we’ll take a look at some of the newest images from The Mandalorian season 2 and also talk about what we’ve been watching this past week including a review of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.\n\nAll of this and much, much more on Take The Black LIVE!\n\n0:00 Show Starts\n1:17 Dune trailer reaction\n4:30 Dune deep dive\n8:01 Dan speaks gibberish\n8:51 Dune cast breakdown\n10:33 Dune vs. Star Wars\n13:37 The Walking Dead’s cancellation\n17:18 Is is REALLY cancelled?\n23:34 The Mandalorian season 2 update\n26:51 Why YOU should check out The Mandalorian?\n31:23 The Venture Bros. cancellation\n34:23 Mia’s Tenet review\n38:31 Dan hates Christopher Nolan\n41:17 Kit Harington’s new project\n43:34 Dan’s quick Lovecraft Country ep4 review\n\n#VentureBros #DuneMovie #TheWalkingDead

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