The Weekend Jam #3 – Gladys Worthington Comedy Show – How To App on iOS! – EP 67

few minutes ago a another amazing video entitled The Weekend Jam #3 – Gladys Worthington Comedy Show – How To App on iOS! – EP 67 was revealed in the channel: Jade Starr

As written in the youtube page by Jade Starr: In this episode of \”How to App on iOS\” it’s The Weekend Jam #3. This week Gladys Worthington is Back!!! Let your worries fade away just like her memories! An hour of demented complaining and musical nonsense that will leave you felling better about yourself and everything else, as the world continues to go to Hell!! Gladys will be performing a number of barely recognisable covers from a past she cant even remember herself. That is if she can even work out how to connect to the internet…\n\nHow To App on iOS.\nEpisode 67\nThe Weekend Jam #3\nGladys Worthington – Comedy Show\n\nGladys Worthington Single – I Will Survive.\n\n\nGladys Worthington’s Website\n\n\nGladys Worthington on Facebook\n\n\nGladys Worthington on Soundcloud\n\n\nGladys Worthington’s Comedy TV Series\n\n\nYou can also donate to my channel via Paypal.\n\n\nListen to Jade Starr DreadCircus Music!\n\n\nHow to App on iOS Playlist\n\n\nAuria Pro Playlist\n\n\nDrum Playlist\n\n\nGuitar Playlist\n\n\nVocals Playlist\n\n\nJoin the GarageBand Users Group Facebook Page\n\n\nAppsliced Website. Latest Music Apps and Price Drops\n\u0026threshold=all\u0026l=nav\u0026cat%5B%5D=6011\n\nJoin the Audio Units AuV3 Facebook Group!\n\n\nPresented by Jade Starr.\nCheck out my music\nFacebook\n\nPlease Like, Share and Subscribe to the Channel.

Watch the video below:

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