Top 10 NFL Power Rankings Week 2

just a few minutes ago a another good video titled Top 10 NFL Power Rankings Week 2 was posted by the channel: Tom Grossi

As published in the youtube page by Tom Grossi: Week 1 of the 2020-2021 NFL Season is in the books! TIME TO RANK THEM. \n\nSubscribe!\n\nYouTube Membership:\nOR\nClick Join button next to Subscribe\n\nPatreon:\n\nPurchase your Packast merch here: \n\n\n\nSend pics/videos of you and your Packast merch to [email protected] to be featured in the 100k video\n\nDownload HotMIc on IOS \u0026 use the promo code: Grossi\n\nIOS: Hotmic.ios\nAndroid:\n\nUse promo code: TOMGROSSI to save $20 on your next ticket purchase from SeatGeek. \n\nSpotify:…\n\n\n\nFan mail: \n\nPO Box 614\nJefferson Valley, NY 10535\n\nBuy ‘Allergic to Fun’:\n\niTunes:…s\u0026ign-mpt=uo%3D4\n\nAmazon:\n\nPhysical Copy:\n\nTwitter/Instagram/TikTok: @tomgrossicomedy

Watch the video below:

We will keep following the channel and publishing everything we discover

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