Trainee doctors to continue strike against gov t healthcare reform policies

Today, few time ago a another amazing video called Trainee doctors to continue strike against gov’t healthcare reform policies was published by: ARIRANG NEWS

As written in the page by ARIRANG NEWS: 전공의 첫투표선 과반수 못얻어 ‘부결’…재투표서 파업 계속\n\nSouth Korea’s trainee doctors have vowed to continue their strike in protest against the government’s plans for healthcare reform.\nThe Korean Intern Resident Association made the announcement Sunday following a vote at an overnight meeting of its emergency committee.\nThe announcement comes after the National Assembly proposed a deal for doctors to return to work, in exchange for them conditionally backing the government’s healthcare reforms until COVID-19 stabilizes and then renegotiating later.\nThe doctors claim the conditional proposal shows the government does not have a willingness to resolve the fundamental cause of the dispute.\nDoctors and trainees are opposed to the government’s plan to train thousands more doctors and open new public medical schools.\n\n#doctor #SouthKorea #strike \n\n📣 Arirang News(Facebook) :\n📣 Arirang News(Twitter) :\n📣 News Center(YouTube) :

Check Out the video below:

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