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As published in the description by News: Trump Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.\nTrump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian congressman in 2021 for mediating the historic peace agreement between the UAE and Israel.\n\n\”I think he’s been trying to make peace between countries more than most other Nobel Peace Prize nominees,\” said Norwegian MP Christian Tybring-Gjedde, president of the Norwegian delegation at The NATO Parliamentary Assembly told Fox News September 9.\n\nIn his nomination letter to the Nobel Committee, Tybring-Gjedde stressed that the Trump administration has played a key role in establishing relations between Israel and the UAE. \”If other Middle Eastern countries follow in the UAE, the deal could be a game changer, turning the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity,\” he wrote.\n\nThe congressman also said that Trump has an important role to play in facilitating contact and creating new impetus in other protracted conflicts, such as the border dispute between India and Pakistan, and Korean tensions. – North Korea as well as dealing with North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.\n\n\”I’m not too supportive of Trump,\” Tybring-Gjedde said. \”The committee should look at things and judge him on facts, not on how he sometimes behaves. \n\n======\nMake News your daily news outlet for breaking national and world news.\nSelected multimedia content from NEWS is quickly delivered the news about National/Politics, Economy, IT/Science, Foreign Policy, World, Life/Culture of the all countries around the world.\n\n========\nWorld News playlist is the place to keep up to date with the latest news on the world.\n\n———–\nSign up, make money on your phone for free with the Timebucks app:\n\n——\nGet dieta keto semanal menu:\n\n======\nConnect with News:\n1. Subscribe Now:\n2. Like me on Facebook:\n3. Follow me on Instagram:\n4. Follow me on Pinterest:\n5. Follow me on Twitter:\n\n——\nIndia takes back strategic outposts from China:\nDonald Trump storms with ‘special’ proposition about elections:\nRussia Article 8 Fighters Intercepting \”Flying Fortress\” US:\nThe third most powerful storm on the planet in 2020 is about to hit the mainland:\nDonald Trump surprises with new statement about Covid-19:\nThe Mystery of China’s Reusable Spaceship Launch:\nIncredible: Discovered signs of life under the rubble 30 days after the Beirut port explosion:\nTibetan refugee force help India reach the border peak:What does the Chinese newspaper write?\nSuper typhoon Haishen hits Japan, overturning many roofs:\nDemonstration in Hong Kong, at least 289 people arrested:\nChina is about to complete a new dam like the Three Gorges dam:\nPresident Donald Trump Criticized:\nChina launched the latest response to the US:\nChina was painfully beaten by a close partner in SEA:\nChina put its missile firepower and air force to reach the Indian border:\nAmerica decides to hold China accountable to COVID-19:\nRussian opposition leader regains consciousness after more than 2 weeks in a coma:\nShooting at the Sino-Indian border, the two sides blame each other:\nAmerican self-propelled artillery successfully intercepts surprising cruise missiles:\nIndia accuses the Chinese military of \”kidnapping\” 5 citizens: Beijing’s voice:\nUS election on sprint stage:\nChina’s economic strategy to buy domestic goods: Where do people get money?\nBiden changes strategy to cut the momentum of Donald Trump:\nUS mechanical reconnaissance camouflage Malaysian aircraft close to China:\n\n—–\n#Trump #Nobel_Peace_Prize #UAE_Israel_agreement #News #Donald_Trump\nNews,today news,latest news,abp news,Health news,World News,nightly news,nbc news,breaking news,bbc news,donald trump,nobel peace prize,trump,us,us politics,usa,president trump,republicans,nobel prize,trump nobel peace prize,trump nominated for nobel prize,peace talks,uae,israel,Christian Tybring-Gjedde,singapore,north korea,norway,fox news,america,why is trump nominated for nobel prize,us elections,world news,Fox News,FNC,presidential election

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