Trying out NEW Travis Scott Meal from McDonalds !

Today, few time ago a brand new video called Trying out NEW Travis Scott Meal from McDonalds ! was revealed in the channel: Steph Pappas

As informed in the video page by Steph Pappas: ♡ Instagram: @StephPappas ♡\n♡ Tiktok: @StephPappas ♡\n\nMERCH:\n\nfor business inquires only ➢ [email protected]\n\n\nabout me ッ\nName: Steph Pappas\nAge: 20\nLocation: Ohio\nCamera: Canon G7X\nEditor: Final Cut Pro X\n\n\nHi if you don’t know me, I’m Steph!! Ive been doing youtube since I was 8 years old. I love it so much and have tons of fun filming. On my channel I upload mostly mukbangs, reviewing new fast food items, cooking videos, clothing hauls, makeup, vlogs and more! You can always leave me a video request down below because I really enjoy making stuff you guys like! ♡\n\n#TravisScott\n#McDonalds

Watch the video :

We will keep following the channel and publishing anything we discover

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