Tulsi, it's time to lead this election as a charioteer

Today, just a few minutes ago a another good video called Tulsi, it's time to lead this election as a charioteer was uploaded by the channel: Take A Stand-Up!

As published in the page by Take A Stand-Up!: Hey Tulsi Gabbard, I bet you know that during the war of Mahabharat, the most important figure was a charioteer (Krishna), not because Krishna couldn’t fight the war but because he can navigate the right side to win. I believe you are aware that mathematically your presidential nomination is impossible in this cycle, especially since you’re standing up against Democratic establishment.
In politics, the most important factor is – Timing. If you are reading the pulse of what going on right now, then I believe you’ll agree that you can boost Bernie’s nomination right now, when he needs the most, especially since he’s the only other candidate who supports your agenda – stop wars.

Check Out the video :

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