UPDATE The Mammoth US , evacuate due to wildfires, Wildfires Have Turned The Sky in Red

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As written in the description by romeo shkurti: #Breaking news,viral news, trending news, bbc news, cnn news, mirror news,usa news, latest news, usa today,\nUPDATE The Mammoth US , evacuate due to wildfires, Wildfires Have Turned The Sky in Red,\nThe Mammoth US Wildfires Have Turned The Sky in Red.\nWith massive spans of the US west coast battling ungodly wildfires, – all of which have been exacerbated by record-breaking extreme heat and wind – images from towns in the firing line have been slowly filtering onto social media. \n\nOn Monday, fires in the Washington state scorched some 330,000 acres. That amount, recorded in a single day, is more than the total amount burned in each of the 12 previous annual fire seasons.\n\nDown in Oregon, fires and smoke have cast eerie red hues across towns in the US state, turning skies dark in the middle of the day and conjuring up images we here in Australia last saw in late December during the horrific bushfires that ravaged the Victorian town of Mallacoota in the East Gippsland region.\n\nSkies in the towns of Salem and Stayton, south of Portland, as well as Depoe Bay on the state’s Pacific shoreline, took on a scarily familiar shade at midday on what should otherwise have been a sunny – if not scorchingly hot – summer’s day.\n\nThe city of Eugene is currently experiencing the worst air quality of any place on the planet, thanks to thick blankets of smoke drifting over the region. Data suggests the air quality in the area is as high as 829 in certain parts of the city, which is considered to be extremely hazardous.\n\n\n\nThere are numerous fires currently burning across the US states of Oregon, Washington, and California, fuelled by a sizzling heat wave that has routinely broken records; temperatures nudging 50 degrees celsius were recorded in several areas of Los Angeles County on Monday.\n\nCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed that fires in his state have so far burned 2.3 million acres of land this year. At the same time last year, that number was 118,000.\n\n\n\noregon fires,\noregon fire map,\nfires in oregon,\nportland weather,\noregon wildfires,\nfire map oregon, oregon,\nfire map,\ncalifornia wildfires,\noregon fire,\nmill city oregon,\nUPDATE The Mammoth US ,\nEvacuations issued wildFire, Eagle Point,Shady Cove, Evacuations, Obenchain Fire,obenchain, Jackson County, oregon fire map, portland weather, oregon wildfires, fire map oregon, oregon, inciweb, fire map, california wildfires, mill city oregon, trip check, wildfires in oregon, oregon fires map, ashland fire, wildfires near me, oregon news, evacuations near me, oregon fire map 2020, fires in oregon now, oregon live, fire in oregon, beachie creek fire, ashland fire, wildfires near me,oregon news, evacuations near me,oregon wildfire map, oregon fire map 2020,fires in oregon now, fire in oregon,beachie creek fire,\n\n\n\n\nTHANKS FOR WATCHING!\nPLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, AND SHARE!\nYOU ARE THE BEST!\n😊\n\nIMPORTANT!\n\n-None of these images, music \u0026 video clips were created/owned by us.\n\n-This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) have seen your content and want to remove this video, please message us privately or mail us [email protected] before doing anything. We will respectfully remove it immediately. Please don’t use YouTube strikes! So much love!\n\n-COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT 1976 – Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \”fair use\” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.\n\n-THIS IS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! I DON’T CLAIM IT AS MY OWN \n\n-THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT!\n\n-If you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts and questions, feel free to contact me 🙂 I’m always open to suggestions and I’m trying my best to provide the best to my subscribers.\n\n-If you want to send tracks for promotion, message me here: \[email protected]\nStated that “no copyright infringement is intended”\n\n-If you found this video valuable, give it a like.\n-If you want people to see my content, share it.\n-Leave a comment below with your thoughts.\n-Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later.

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