WA Wildfire Virtual Map Fly Through 2020.09.07

Today, a few minutes ago a another video called WA Wildfire Virtual Map Fly Through 2020.09.07 was revealed by the channel: Wildfire.Report

As published in the youtube page by Wildfire.Report: An in-depth virtual map fly through for Washington States Wildfires for September 07, 2020. This video covers the progression of the wildfires burning between primary in Central and Easter Washington. The main focus is on the fast growing Cold Springs and Pearl Hill Fires that started near Omak, WA late on September 06, 2020, and spread rapidly driven by high winds. The fire jumped the Columbia River, and is burning in the high fields of Washington. Several other fires started in Washington State on September 07, 2020 as well. One of these in Easter Washington almost completely destroyed the town of Malden.\n\n\nThis video covers areas in Washington state including: Omak, Okanogan, Malott, Brewster, Bridgeport, Chelan, Mansfield, Coulee City, Waterville, Curlew, Inchelium, Hunters, Wilbur, Creston, Davenport, Colfax, Malden, Airway Heights, Spokane, Yakima, Ellensburg, and Lake Wenatchee.\n\n\n\nThe video visualizes the fires current bounds, thermal hot spots, contextual geographic data, statistical information (such as structures lost and acreage burned), a time history replay of events, and satellite based images of smoke distribution through the region.\n\n\nIt contains data compiled from multiple publicly accessible data sets including the US Forest Service, NASA, RSAC, NIFC and NOAA.\n\n\nThe video was created by Wildfire.Report (https://wildfire.report)\n\n\nWARNING! Wildfires are dangerous, and can result in sudden and significant loss of property and life. Always consult the most up to date fire information from your local city, county, state and/or first respondents. Heed all warnings, notices and alerts.\n\n\nFor the latest national fire information and links to local fire updates go to:\nHttps://inciweb.nwcg.gov

Check Out the video :

We will continue to follow the channel and publishing everything we find

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