#WEWILLMEETAGAIN 💙 | We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn | Cover by Flo Rudkin

Today, few minutes ago a another amazing video titled #WEWILLMEETAGAIN 💙 | We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn | Cover by Flo Rudkin was posted by the youtube channel: FLO RUDKIN

As written in the by FLO RUDKIN: Hi everyone!

First of all thank you for watching this video that I have created for NHS staff.

After I watched the queen’s speech I felt it was my duty to give the people tirelessly working for our country the recognition they deserve. Our majesty said “we will meet again” hence my cover of We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. I can assure you we will meet again if we stay home, stay safe to help our NHS. They are not just doing their job as some would say, they are risking their lives in order to protect yours. So please stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. I did my bit so now you do yours.

Check Out the video below:

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