Will A Circuit-Breaker Lockdown Stop COVID-19 Surge? | #TyskySour

few time ago a another great video called Will A ‘Circuit-Breaker’ Lockdown Stop COVID-19 Surge? | #TyskySour was revealed by the youtube channel: Novara Media

As published in the page by Novara Media: Labour and SAGE are pushing for a circuit breaker lockdown to curtail the spread of covid-19. But what would a “circuit breaker” really achieve? We ask Professor Karl Friston of Independent SAGE.\n\nPlus:\nEverything that’s wrong with the test and trace system.\nMicah Uetricht on Trump returning to the campaign trail.\nA correction from Monday’s show on childhood transmission.\n\nWith Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.\n_______________________________\n\nSubscribe to Novara Media on YouTube ⇛ http://novara.media/youtube\n\nSupport our work ⇛ https://novaramedia.com/support\n\nSubscribe to the TyskySour podcast ⇛ https://novara.media/tyskysourpodcast\n\n#COVID19 #Coronavirus

Check Out the video below:

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