Today, just a few time ago a brand new video entitled WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2020 | MY STORY | YOU ARE ENOUGH | was uploaded by the youtube channel: Georgia Laine Davies

As written in the youtube page by Georgia Laine Davies: I am going to jump straight into it today guys.\n\nToday marks World Mental Health Day 2020.\n\nI have been weighing up how I would like to vocalize my support for this day. Last year was the first time that I went into further detail about my personal struggles with mental health. I have hit some extreme lows guys. So low that years ago my own thoughts scared me. I luckily had the love of my family and friends and that pulled me from that bad place. 8 years later and I am in a complete different space. Do I get my bad days? yes, Am i still depressed? sometimes but now I know my triggers, I know my patterns and I reach out to my support system.\n\nI made this video to show my biggest vulnerability in hopes that it can help at least one more person.\n\nThere are so many great charities that help with mental health:\nMIND: 03001233393\nAnxiety UK: 03444775774\nCALM (Campaign against living miserably for men age 15-35): 0800585858\nNo Panic: 08449674848\nPAPTRUS (Young Suicide prevention society) : 08000684141\nSamaritans: 116123\n\nIf any person watches this and needs someone to talk to, im here. You are enough\n\nSocials\nInstagram: Georgialainedavies

Check Out the video below:

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